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By Clint Kordsmeier, VP of Sales

Over the past decade, Webcollect, our enterprise Order-2-Cash solution, has been the technology backbone empowering many large organizations to execute on their O2C transformation initiatives. Oftentimes, these were operationalized and delivered by one of our world-class BPO partners, used by analysts at their global service centers as well as retained client staff and their customers.

As the Technology backbone of these projects, our solution was purpose built to solve for the specific needs of each service provider and client as well as their customers. This needs-based approach to software development coupled with the integration of new technologies allows us to deliver best practices while at the same not taking a “cookie cutter” approach to working with our clients. With that, we’ve built our platform to provide certain features and capabilities that you might not find with other solution on the market today.

    • Flexibility – Our #1 differentiator. Different types of clients (and their customers), industries, etc. have different needs. We had to ensure the system was customizable and not a “one size fits all” or “square peg in a round hole”
    • Effectiveness – A lot of the BPO contracts were tied to meeting specific results and KPIs (e.g. DSO, % Past Due Reduction, etc.), and we understand your success as a department is based on similar KPI’s…you have to show results, and do so quickly.
    • Efficiency – When you look at BPO, labor costs certainly play a factor…our service providers needed to be as efficient as possible to maintain profitability…that automation allows you to do more with less even while your organization grows
    • Reporting & Analytics – Being able to provide critical insight to clients, especially those that aren’t using the system directly or had day-to-day interaction was very important…being able to manage and understand activity quantity and quality of your service provider translates well to being able to effectively manage an internal team especially in today’s hybrid/remote workplace. Our analytics package is second to none.
    • Customer Centric – Flexibility to control messaging, context, and ensure the right customers received the right message, at the right time, and in the right format was paramount…a big concern when outsourcing to a BPO Provider as well as with in-house operations…you’ve got to keep the customer happy!!
    • Security/Integration – We had to make implementation be as easy as possible and focus heavily on security, especially as we were adding additional liability due to having a 3rd party engagement. That trust and peace of mind is critical in today’s cyberworld.