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Webcollect was built by practitioners and service providers to meet objectives and solve problems, improve collaboration, and do more with less. Our powerful order to cash solutions leverage the latest advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence, process automation and the combined expertise of your and our O2C Professionals to deliver real value for all key stakeholders, including your customers.

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Introducing Webcollect

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AI + O2C Professionals = Efficiency & Effectiveness

There is so much buzz about AI in the O2C industry, and rightfully so. Leveraging technology and insight to reduce risk, prioritize activities, and automate processes is critical in this day and age. However, at O2C Pro, we believe AI should augment Human Intelligence, not replace it We combine decades of experience and expertise, introduce best practices and leveraging the insight within your data as well as the human intelligence within our collective teams to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. We also provide collaboration tools to improve critical communications as well as billing and payment options to improve the customer experience

Doing more with Less – The “New Norm”


Are you looking to reduce or defer headcount due to the rising costs of labor? Is your company projecting growth, but not looking at budget increases? Perhaps it is time to evaluate technology and embrace automation. On Average, Webcollect clients achieve up to 25% increase in productivity

Measure Twice, Cut Once


This old adage always rings true…how about this one?  “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” Lack of Insight and Visibility into O2C Processes, A/R Portfolio Health and Operational KPI’s can lead to poor management decisions, high DSO and Bad Debt.

Overcoming Your Challenges


At O2C Pro, our initial focus is less about your challenges, and more about your goals and objectives, understanding what your initiatives and relevant KPI’s. From there, we work with you to identify the obstacles standing in the way of success and we introduce best practices from decades of finance & accounting experience along with cutting-edge AI and automation capabilities to drive efficiency and effectiveness necessary to meet or exceed your business objectives.

The Password is “Flexibility”

 O2C Pro understands that each client (and their customers) are unique, as is their goals and challenges and even how they measure success. That is why we’ve built Webcollect to be the most flexible solution in the market. This includes how we license and configure the application, deployment options, user-specific needs, strategies and task lists, accommodations for regional and business unit variables, and much more. We also take pride in being the most flexible and easy to work with company in this industry from solutioning and contracting to implementation and ongoing support. Let us prove it to you.

Show me the Money

 When you decide to invest in a technology or partner with a solution provider, you need to see results quickly and you want to feel good about the decision you’ve made. More than that, you hope that you’ve found a long-term partner that will help make you a hero by “delivering the goods.” With O2C Pro, we help expedite the onboarding and implementation process so that you can realize the ROI immediately. Webcollect also provides the dashboards and distributable reports to provide visibility and success metric realization to all relevant stakeholders.

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automated Strategies
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Intelligent Analytics
    • Natural Language Processing

Key Stakeholder Value

In order for the O2C cycle to operate at peak efficiency, everyone must work together, with defined and aligned goals.  The good news is that Webcollect can deliver real value for all key stakeholders, including your customers.

Finance Leaders – Gain real-time visibility across the entire O2C cycle in order to optimize working capital

Credit Team – Improve cash collections and operational efficiency leveraging Artificial Intelligence and process automation

Sales Team – Collaboration between sales and O2C teams can help improve revenue realization, unlock new sales opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction yielding a win-win for the company, the client, and the sales team

Customers – Optimize the customer onboarding, invoicing and payment experience and provide your customers with flexible options including self-service capabilities

Resources for O2C Professionals


Webcollect Platform

Collections Module

Credit Module

Dispute Management

Cash Application

O2C Analytics

EIPP & Customer Portal


Webcollect Platform

Collections Module

Credit Module

EIPP & Customer Portal

Dispute Management

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Integrated O2C Platform


EIPP / Customer Portal


Cash Application

Dispute Management

O2C Analytics

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