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Mitigate Credit Risk And Improve Decisioning With Webcollect

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Webcollect’s Credit Risk Management Module aggregates all relevant credit Information to provide greater visibility and insight for sound credit decisions and adjustments. You can enact data-driven credit policies to help mitigate risk and proactively manage credit limits & corporate exposure all while improving the customer onboarding experience.

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Webcollect Credit

Webcollect’s Credit Management module automates the operations of a company’s credit department. Credit history is verified, and credit limits are automatically suggested. Webcollect dynamically tracks the risk profile of each customer and automatically switches to a more proactive strategy if the customer’s credit profile deteriorates.

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Improve Customer Onboarding & Unlock New Opportunities

Tired of being looked at as the “Sales Prevention” Department? With Webcollect’s Credit Module, you can ensure new customers are onboarded and scored based on your credit policies, unlock new lines of credit for your best customers and optimize the Order Hold/Release process to ensure orders are executed, company commitments are satisfied, and the customer is happy.

Key Solution Features

Scoring & Decisioning – Webcollect provides automated Credit and Risk scoring which facilitates risk mitigation, and credit limit decision making

Workflows & System Alerts – Webcollect provides workflow tools and system alerts for O2C Professional to facilitate timely credit reviews and other risk reduction measures while ensuring customer orders holds are proactively managed and automated based on policy. Escalations paths ensure prompt response and resolution, and workflow request approvals and rejections can be executed through email and mobile devices

Credit Limits & Order-Hold Release – Proactively measure and manage credit limits to unlock new sales opportunities, reduce risk, and stay ahead of potential credit holds by evaluating current & past-due A/R, disputed and promised invoices, and pending orders

Online Credit Application – Integrate your own online credit app or leverage Webcollect’s built in features that allow you to ensure critical information and documentation is captured on the front-end, eliminating the frustrating “back & forth” exercise. Automatically check historical client and payment data during customer onboarding. Automatically assign temporary account status to new customers and execute necessary workflows

Integrate & Aggregate Your Relevant Credit Data Sources

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O2C Credit - Circles icon Integration – Collaborate with sales within their day-to-day application. For new prospects, Webcollect can received information from SFDC to help automate the credit review, scoring and limit decisioning. Webcollect also allows the sales team to request credit adjustments, providing reasoning and approvals when appropriate

Risk Analysis – Webcollect provides account / customer statistics to enable analyzing current and historical facts to make predictions about future payment ability and order volumes. Historical and transactional data help to identify the risks of accepting orders for new and existing customers, as well as setting appropriate credit limit levels

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