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Order to cash automation enables your organization to speed up cash collection, reduce operating costs and optimize working capital. Schedule a Webcollect demo today to learn more about our solution trusted by global organizations to deliver improved O2C efficiency and effectiveness.

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Increase efficiency & effectiveness, provide enterprise visibility and optimize O2C processes

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Improved team performance, DSO & overdue debt reduction and increased customer satisfaction

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Robust reporting capability, dashboard analytics and real-time presentation of critical data for better decisioning

Trusted By Global Organizations


The Webcollect platform has been instrumental in helping my department gain efficiency.

– Senior Manager, Collections & Dispute Resolution

Webcollect helped Office Depot improve its DSO and reduce collection costs by 22% in the first year in addition to allowing the collections department to better manage aged receivables and increase collection productivity and effectiveness.

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Webcollect Delivers Efficiency & Effectiveness

In a perfect world, all business clients would pay all bills, in full, on time, every time. This is of course not reality, which is why businesses need to have processes in place for collaborating with clients to ensure all payments are paid on time based on the agreed upon terms. O2C Pro logo globe

Rising interest rates and labor challenges have placed new pressure on A/R departments to help optimize working capital and do more with less. To be successful, you must invest in a technology to help automate processes, manage team performance, and make it easy for clients to pay.

Built by service providers and practitioners looking to solve problems and do more with less, Webcollect has been the technology empowering finance transformation initiatives from Fortune 500 global companies to leading mid-market organizations. We provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, industrialization, and automation to accelerate cash collection and improve efficiency.

Webcollect delivers efficient and effective B2B collections reducing friction and enabling transparent communication with clients and internal stakeholders. It allows you to be proactive instead of reactive and work with each or your unique customers based on risk, volume, industry, region and/or business unit. This includes dynamic and predictive strategies and workflows, communicating with customers in their preferred method, and offering flexible payment options.

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