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Over the past decade, order to cash professionals have come to rely on Webcollect as the technology backbone of finance transformation initiatives delivered by the combined expertise of O2C Pro and our world-class partners.

We understand that every client, and their customers, are unique, as are their goals and challenges, which is why we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach to designing and deploying strategies, workflow, and automation.

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A Message from O2C Pro CEO Gabe Torek

Commitment To Our Clients

Flexibility is a word we use a lot around here. Webcollect was built with flexibility in mind…flexible configuration and implementation options, platform flexibility to support various industries, client sizes and volumes, regions and the type of customers you work with. Flexibility to leverage our best practices and AI driven recommendations or customize the application to your specific KPI’s, processes, strategies and objectives.


Why Clients Choose Us

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Reliability & Trust – Throughout all dealings, we strive to be responsive to your needs and completely transparent, and would certainly appreciate that in return. This ensures that both companies are aligned on needs and expectations in order to deliver a successful, long-term partnership.

Easy To Work With – We want to be the easiest and most responsive company you’ve ever worked with. We are 100% focused to delivering customer satisfaction, and we are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Continuous Improvement – There’s always new challenges that need solving and room for improvement…this is true of business processes and technology applications. We provide best practices, share ideas, encourage feedback and work collaboratively and proactively with clients, always striving to deliver results.

Product Enhancements – As technology continues to evolve and improve, so does Webcollect. We are always looking at new ideas and different ways to improve O2C efficiency & effectiveness. Oftentimes these ideas come from working with our partners and clients through various brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. We look forward to working with you today, to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Account Management – We believe that staying engaged with our clients is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction through collaborative planning and proactive problem solving. This is conducted through Quarterly Business Reviews, Annual Strategy Sessions, User Group Meetings and/or Customer Advisory Engagements.

Service & Support – O2C Pro is laser focused on client success & customer satisfaction. This is truly our biggest differentiator in the market. We treat each client as a priority which drives the thoroughness of responses and speed to action. Our Support team is there to help, whenever you need us.

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Ensuring Alignment For Long Term Success

Key Areas Of Focus For Continuous Improvement

The Webcollect platform continuously undergoes improvements and enhancements to meet industry trends & evolving best practices. We leverage the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology, along with the feedback from our clients, to solve today’s problems while working collaboratively with our SME’s, clients, and partners, with innovation at top of mind to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Focus areas include additional applications of meaningful AI, Machine Learning, NLP & RPA that deliver measurable results or improve the client experience. We are always looking at different ways to drive collaboration and value across internal stakeholder groups, promote frictionless B2B Payments, and build Buyer: Supplier synergies. These new features are released and distributed to our customers oftentimes at no additional cost.

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