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Webcollect’s Cash Application Module can help solve your cash app challenges by standardizing and automating the process of cash allocation. It is a comprehensive solution covering infrastructure, applications, processes, services, and analytics. We work with each client to optimize the cash application process.

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Webcollect Cash Application

Webcollect enables all facets of the cash application process including payment processing, allocation & reassignment as well as write-offs, credits, & balance adjustments. We support automated cash allocation and customer remittance processing enabling fast and accurate posting of cash, EDI, and payments to each transaction while reducing unnecessary costs.

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Processes & Capabilities

O2C Pro believes the best approach to optimizing Cash Application is to understand your current process and the gaps and associated costs of your banking services, payment processing, ERP system and client collaboration capabilities

From there, we can apply best practices and technologies to optimize the efficiency and economics of effective cash application

Key Solution Features

Remittance Management – Webcollect captures, transforms, and associates remittance and payment data into layout readable by your ERP system

Large Invoice & Deduction Management – Webcollect handles difficult, multi-line remittances with potentially thousands of lines, extracts required information from files , including deduction reason codes

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Exception Handling – Leverage Webcollect to efficiently manage exceptions, execute money moves, and resolve cash on account due to discrepancies or lack of remittance information

Integrated Platform Utilization – Leverage insight gained from collections module including disputes and payment promises to act as remittance information for cash allocation

Auto Cash – Webcollect enables fast posting of cash, EDI and payments to each transaction. Customer specific workflow and business rules automate the matching of customer data to remittance information

Straight Through Processing – Utilize the Webcollect Customer Payment Portal & Interactive Collections Emails to drive electronic payments and straight-through cash application at the lowest possible processing & operational costs

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